Legal notice, what is it for and how to publish it?

The particularity of legal advertisements is that they are not only commercial advertisements. Its objective is to respond to a concern for security and transparency. Its aim is to inform the general public. Throughout the life of a company, the various events affecting the company must be published in a newspaper devoted to legal notices. These include the publication of notices of dissolution, change of address of the registered office or replacement of the manager.

Writing a legal notice

The publication of legal announcements must be made in a newspaper recognized by the prefecture. Each advertisement will have to respect formatting rules. To be validated by the clerk's office of the commercial courts, its eligibility must be respected. The study and the decision of the list of newspapers for the following year are determined following an accreditation commission. This delegation meets every year under the supervision of the prefectural authority. The amount of legal announcements is determined during the annual commission. The tariff is established by prefectoral decree following an opinion of the commission. The tariff for the publication of a legal notice is set by the millimetre or by the line.

Unavoidable steps in the publication of legal notices

Events that occur during the life of a company must be the subject of a publication of legal notices. This information is mentioned in an Official Gazette located in the same department as the company's head office. The purpose of this obligation is of a judicial nature. It allows the communication of internal news to the company. The publication must take place after the associates have accepted the statutes. The managers must first of all submit a certificate of publication to the clerk's office of the Commercial Court. This must be done before submitting the publication request. The simplest way to publish advertisements is via the Internet. It will be necessary to evaluate the number of lines in the advertisement. This information allows the price of the publication to be calculated.

Content of a legal advertisement

The publication of legal notices contains many mandatory information. Its content depends on the content of the message. For example, it is possible to facilitate the drafting of advertisements by using templates available on the Internet. When creating a company, various elements must be provided such as the abbreviation, the company name, the legal form, the domicile of the registered office, the amount of capital, the duration of the company, the corporate object. It is compulsory to publish a notice in a legal notice journal when a commercial company is created, the registration and creation of industrial premises, the liquidation or dissolution of the company, collective proceedings and modification of the company's articles of association.
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