The importance of a CRM for your business

In today's marketing world, the approach is centred on the consumer: to generate contacts and transform prospects into customers, companies must take the utmost care in their relationships and their communication strategy. To help them in this mission, CRM is essential: it offers numerous monitoring and analysis features, allowing a better understanding of what engages Internet users - and what hinders them. Some research shows that a CRM oriented towards customer relationship development increases productivity by 35%! For several obvious reasons, you need to rely on this information-rich tool.

The advantages of a personalized CRM

The choice of CRM depends essentially on the size of the company, its initial customer portfolio, but also on its development prospects. In concrete terms, there are generic CRMs, already ready to use, which are perfectly suited to a large number of structures. However, they do not always allow targeted objectives to be achieved. For example, when creating your "in-house" CRM, you may decide to focus the analyses on increasing sales, bounce rates on your site, the results of your newsletters, etc. You can visit for more about CRM consulting. Finally, after having looked at the functionalities of a generic CRM, you can adopt it if it seems to suit you. On the other hand, if you are looking for more complex data, ask for the design of a program adapted to your ambitions.

The ability to target your strategy

CRM, when properly designed, accurately identifies consumer needs. In a particularly competitive world, giants such as Google or Amazon have understood how important it is to target advertising and communication, so that each ad generates maximum interest and leads to sales. A good CRM will allow you to generate personalized content for each customer, according to his interests, his previous visits, his geographical location or even the medium he uses (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Beyond past analysis, a predictive approach

It is still believed that a CRM is only consulted for the purpose of analysing user behaviour, to bring out data from a previous period in order to draw conclusions. It is indeed a frequent method, ideal to adapt one's marketing approach to the needs of customers and prospects. But in the age of Big Data and the deployment of artificial intelligence, much more is expected from a CRM. Contrary to all expectations, it is no longer satisfied with a "backward" vision, but also moves forward! For example, it helps you anticipate modes and events that could present opportunities for you.

Sell more with fewer customers

In many online businesses and shops, 80% of sales revolve around the top 20% of customers. Where are the others? Usually, even if they've already bought your products once or twice, they've turned to the competition, because your approach to this audience has been wrong. Anyway, with better targeting, CRM will allow you to better deal with limited resources, to ensure that this small percentage of loyal customers continue to follow you, while trying to add new ones little by little. Finally, by soliciting a company developing CRM, you will be able to get your own tool, with increased visibility on the KPIs you want to analyze on a regular basis. Finally, you will have the opportunity to personalize your communication, by better mastering the habits, behaviors and needs of users. Over time, you will be able to determine the best strategies to adopt in order to increase your business and progress despite the competition!
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