References: how to choose a good reference?

References are information given by one of your former immediate supervisors, or by a company tutor, that attests to your behaviour and qualities as an employee. They also confirm certain information that you have provided in relation to a previous job you held, such as dates of employment. You must make a list of the names and contact information of people who can provide such references for you.

Usefulness of a reference

With your written consent, the labour management consultant or managers can take references from you to better understand the type of worker you are (punctual, responsible, productive, competent, etc.). The taking of references is based on objective criteria.

Save time: Prepare your list of references

Ideally, you should be able to provide the names and contact information of three people who can provide references upon request. By preparing your list of references, you will avoid additional stress on the day of the interview. Do the following :
  • make a list of all your former immediate superiors;
  • identify those whose names and contact information you could provide;
  • contact them to see if you can provide their names, let them know what you are doing, and let them know that they will likely be contacted soon;
  • Prepare your final list of references (full name, telephone number and e-mail address of each person who can provide references, title of your previous employment with the company, and name of the company).
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