Consultant, chartered accountant: who can you turn to for advice on managing your business?

The intervention of a chartered accountant consultant allows business leaders and company managers to simplify their daily lives. The chartered accountant can intervene with many clients such as restaurateurs, shopkeepers, freelance workers, service providers, consultants... These specialists can intervene when setting up a company. They take care, among other things, of the formalities of strategy, the choice of status, the preparation of the accounting...

Various missions carried out by a firm of chartered accountants

A consulting agency can help entrepreneurs with its many multidisciplinary services. These agencies can meet specific needs in the areas of taxation, accounting, management, consulting and IT finance. The consultant can also take care of contractual audit assignments. This specialist intervenes in particular during the missions granted to the statutory auditors, the merger and contribution auditors... He also carries out chartered accountancy services such as: keeping and/or monitoring a company's accounts, management of the accounting organisation... One of the main missions of a chartered accountant is to undertake tax optimization. The assistant also carries out an audit of the accounts as well as legal assistance work. In terms of IT missions, the consultant also intervenes in the choice of accounting, administrative and sales management software. To optimize the management of a company's accounts, the operation can be outsourced. To do so, it is sufficient to call on the services of an experienced chartered accountant.

How to choose a chartered accountant?

The chartered accountant provides sound advice to his or her clients. His objective is to help them better manage their company. This ally of choice also takes care of the follow-up of the financial situation of the company. This indispensable professional accompanies the future entrepreneur during the creation of the company, its setting up and the start of activities. The trick to finding the right chartered accountant is to take the time to clearly define your needs. Normally, the accountant can adapt to different professional situations. However, the company's managers must be able to effectively choose the expert who can become their advisor. In order to find their right-hand man, a list of needs must be drawn up. The search for the specialist can be done by contacting the Order of Chartered Accountants. The organization will be able to direct the entrepreneurs towards the ideal specialist who corresponds to their expectations.

Use of business management assistance

To help managers achieve financial and operational objectives, the consultant can help set up steering programs adapted to the company's activity. This specialist can improve a company's performance. To do so, he is in charge of advising managers during the decision-making process by taking care of the realization of business plans, dashboards, drafting and updating of cash flow budgets, editing of interim accounting situations...
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