How to efficiently manage the payroll of its employees?

Payroll is the set of procedures that a company must perform in order to ensure that employees are paid. This also includes the calculation of employer and employee contributions relating to remuneration. Let us discover through this article some tips to manage employee compensation.

Using payroll management software

Many multinational companies entrust the management of their employees' salaries to external accountants. In this way, the company focuses on their core business. VSEs, SMEs and self-employed people can save on payroll management by using specialised software. The usefulness of such a program is that it frees managers from tasks that can be automated. These experts thus benefit from considerable time savings. These tools can correct possible errors such as salary processing during a change in contribution rates.

Various useful features of a payroll software package

Managing employee payroll from a software package allows you to benefit from personnel administration while performing day-to-day payroll administration. In order to effectively control monthly payments, the tool carries out the entry and calculation of employee payroll. It carries out the nominative social declarations remotely. This type of software also takes care of the programmed integration of payroll entries into the company's accounting system. The tool also draws up and edits the payslip, manages the personnel register, issues the dashboard to monitor the progress of all employees, takes care of the annual declaration of social data... This software also takes care of drawing up several documents such as certificates or employment contracts.

Contents of a pay slip

An employee who works in a company is required to receive a pay slip. This element must contain several mandatory pieces of information such as the persons concerned, i.e. the employer and the employee. The document also contains information on remuneration and a reference to the applicable collective agreement. The pay slips must also indicate the hourly rate, working hours, hours worked evaluated with a standard rate and those calculated with a premium rate. The payslip must also include paid holidays and the calculation of tax and social security deductions.
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