The interview enables the manager

The job interview enables the manager to check the information on your resume and get additional information;
  • to get to know you better;
  • to select, at the end of the recruitment process, the best candidate according to the profile sought and the requirements of the job.
The interview enables you to :
  • make a favourable impression by highlighting, among other things, your achievements, experience, strengths, potential, aspirations and career choices other than in writing;
  • to obtain additional information about the job and the organization, thus confirming your interest in the job.

The different forms of interview

There are several forms of interview. The choice of interview format depends, among other things, on the nature of the job to be filled and the skills to be assessed or information to be verified by the manager. Here are the most common types of interviews:
  • The individual interview
  • Objectives
  • Assess the candidate's job-related skills.
  • Getting to know the candidate better.
  • Select the best candidate according to the specifics of the job to be filled.


The interview is conducted by a selection committee usually composed of 2 or 3 people, including the hiring manager. The number of people on the selection committee depends on the nature of the job to be filled. The workforce management consultant may be present depending on the needs of the manager. The approximate length of the interview can vary between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the nature of the job to be filled.

Course of events

The members of the selection committee ask the candidate various questions. For example:
  • Situational Questions
"What would you do if...? » "How would you react if...? »
  • Behavioural issues
"Give an example of..." "What did you do to...? »
  • Questions on knowledge needed to perform the job
"Can you tell us what you know about...? » "Under what authority could you do...? » "Have you ever worked with the software...? "Are you able to...? »
  • Question about the candidate's education and experience
"How has your background prepared you for this job? »
  • Question about the candidate's motivation and interest in the job
"Why are you interested in this job? »
  • The telephone interview
Objectives Obtain details on the content of the candidate's CV. Verify the eligibility of applications. Screening candidates.


The telephone interview is usually conducted by the workforce management consultant. The approximate length of the interview may vary depending on the nature of the job to be filled, but is generally 15 minutes.


The labour management advisor verifies certain specific information. He or she informs the candidate of the next steps in the process. The group interview


Assess the candidates' interpersonal skills. Screening candidates. Separate candidates at the end of the process.


The group is usually composed of 5 to 8 candidates. The interview can last from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the group or the nature of the job to be filled. The interview is facilitated by a workforce management consultant. Usually 2 or 3 observers attend the interview and take notes throughout the interview.


The facilitator exposes the group to a fictional situation, which may or may not be job-related. The group must determine the best solutions to solve the problem presented.
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