The most common mistakes during an interview

Here are the most common mistakes made by candidates during an interview.
  • Lack of punctuality.
  • Failing to show up for an interview without notice.
  • Lack of preparation:
- Not remembering, on the day of the interview, the title of the position they are applying for, or the name of the person conducting the interview; - Not knowing the job; - not being informed about the organization; - not being able to demonstrate that they have the right fit for the job; - consistently using the same example to answer all questions; - not bringing a copy of their updated CV or list of references.
  • Demonstrate a lack of listening skills.
  • Disparaging former employers, the current employer or colleagues.
  • Difficulty in expressing themselves concisely.
  • Misusing the same arguments to justify their interest in the position:
- Salary motivations (including promotion); - Job stability in government.
  • Checking one’s cell phone during the interview.
  • Being too insistent during the follow-up to the interview or in subsequent contacts.
  • Adopting an overly familiar attitude at any point in the process.
References: how to choose a good reference?
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